Wedding Photography Delhi

Couples are made in heaven but the communion is a celebration with great pomp and shows on this earth, especially in a country like India where every festivity are accompanied by great pomp and celebration and show and numerous events to celebrate auspicious occasions like those of a wedding ceremony.


We’re a Premier Wedding Photography Company in Delhi NCR. Get to know more about Candour Films.


We’re a Premier Wedding Photography Company in Delhi NCR. Get to know more about Candour Films.


We’re a Premier Wedding Photography Company in Delhi NCR. Get to know more about Candour Films.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

In recent times, photography has developed into a full-fledged art form whereby photographers invest in the best way possible to capture any scenic occasion in the most natural form. In a world where everything that happens in our lives has to be updated and shared on social media platforms, a lifetime event like a wedding ceremony cannot get unnoticed or undocumented.

The recent trend of pre-wedding photo shoot has become increasingly famous among couples who wish to live Bollywood romance by capturing their tale in photographs. This is why we also take bookings for pre wedding photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida. Delhi is a scenic city with marvelous locations and monuments spread all across the city. The locations available can be chosen according to the theme that you desire for your shoot. We work with complete flexibility and make sure that you are comfortable with the setup.

Since it is all about your experience, and capturing your love story, we leave the choice of location and mood up to you. All you need to do is to dress up your best and strike all the poses you have decided and kept for this very day. The equipment used is according to the most upgraded technology so that the pictures that are clicked perfectly capture the emotions you wish to be expressed through your pictures.

Why You Need a Wedding Photographer?

Marriages in India are the most joyous and colorful events in families. Distant relatives and people who haven’t met each other for years gather to take part in the celebration of the togetherness of the two souls whose destinies are entwined and shower their choicest blessings upon them. Such events happen once in a lifetime and the memories born out of such events need to be captured so as to retain the very essence of enjoyment and sheer happiness.

Every one of us has some special dreams and desires when it comes to experience the best wedding ceremony. The décor, the lights, the choice of flowers and various other aspects are taken care of in complete detail so that the most special day of your life is commemorated with utmost perfection.

A proper provision for photography is thus an essential requirement for such occasions where everything dreamlike has been turned to reality should also be captured in perfect frames so that the memories stay forever with you. This is why we have collaborated a special unit dedicated to wedding photography in Delhi and several other regions nearby so that all the beautiful and exclusive moments can be stored in the form of pictures for years to come by.

 You dream to be captured in the most picturesque settings in poses that makes you feel that you are the heroine of your own fairy tale, which is made possible by us because we are a team of highly professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi who love to play free with creativity and innovation and make sure that we capture the most appealing pictures for you.

Wedding Photography Outside Delhi


We have extended our services all over the Delhi region and around and hence we are available for booking for Wedding Photography in Gurgaon as well. Gurgaon is a host to exotic resorts and banquets that serve as beautiful venues for extravagant wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Photography Delhi

The alluring décor and top-notch arrangement need to captured with ultimate perfection which is where we excel in providing efficient services. All that time and money that you have spent in selecting the best décor for the venue needs to be captured in a delightful manner so that nothing goes unnoticed. Everything that has been curated on your wedding day is the result of extremely specific details and all of this has to remembered, and the only way to store them in memories is through pictures.

Due to our excellent services, we have been in high demand and hence we have arranged a wide network spread to various regions so that you can easily make bookings for your occasion and mark the dates accordingly. We are also available for the booking of wedding photography in Noida and now it becomes convenient for people from different corners of the Delhi NCR region to reach us out because we cover all the regions. Wedding photo shoot is a forte in which we hold expertise. If it is about capturing the swaying lehenga of the bride which she got designed with great detail for her wedding, or the bright gleaming eyes of the groom that twinkle on the arrival of the bride with a garland, we are a perfect choice that you can make. We understand how a wedding is made up of fragments of special moments amalgamated together with love, warmth and happiness and a whirlpool of several emotions.

Whether it comes to candid shots captured with the premium essence or poses that leave you awestruck, we are the most creative team for organizing the best wedding photoshoot in Delhi.

Wedding Photography Delhi

Creativity and excellence are the principles we abide by. We understand those wedding ceremonies are made up of the most essential moments that need to be preserved in lively pictures so that you can relive those memories through wedding albums and cherish the happiness together. A picture is worth a thousand words and each photograph created by us encompasses a beautiful tale. Our pictures are not also the example of professional efficiency but also the natural element which one could absorb while looking at those pictures.

If you are on a lookout for the best booking for Wedding Photography, we organize the best Wedding Photoshoot in Delhi NCR region in its entirety. The pictures created by us are as special and lively as the moments that are captured in them by us and e make sure that your pictures make all your dreams and desires come true in the most wonderful manner. What Our Clients Say About Us