A wedding album is the walkthrough of your wedding and we all want to look good in our wedding photographs, right?

But let us admit it, we all have faced those awkward moments where we had to pose for a photo in front of a camera. Standing there like a mannequin having no idea what expression to give and how to pose. Well, it has happened throughout our lives but it didn’t matter before your wedding! Bizzare marriage photographs will give your friends a reason to laugh at you in the future. Also, what if you get married and your wife sees how bovine was you?

You wouldn’t want that, would you?

You want your wedding album to be an awe-struck moment for all of them who see it. But then how would you change it by standing in front of the mirror or trying different poses or clicking hundreds of selfies with different expression each time?

It is altogether a different thing when it comes to being captured by the camera with a partner. It is not just about grabbing those love handles and looking into the eyes of your partner. It is very important to build that strong chemistry which gets reflected in the images.

Practice makes a ‘photo’ perfect!

Couple trying pre wedding photoshoot poses

Pre-wedding photo shoots give you an opportunity to practice different pre wedding photoshoot poses and get comfortable in front of the camera. Getting the perfect picture not only seizes the moment but also boosts your confidence. You want to portray the perfect epitome of love for everyone who sees it.

Know your photographer, know your photos!

Couple posing in front of wedding photographer to take pictures

Well, most of the times people are dubious about themselves while getting clicked as they ruminate about how are they looking in the photos, whether or not the photographer capturing the right angle!

Pre-marriage photoshoot provides you with a chance to know your wedding photographer and the way he works which is very important as he is the one capturing every detail of your wedding. While posing before him and feeling a bit troubled thinking whether he is taking good photographs or not. After all, you don’t want to look bad in your wedding album after hours of makeup and fitting in those heavy outfits.

The pre-wedding photo shoot is very imperative to get familiar with the wedding photographer for a rich and enhanced marriage photography experience.

All she needs is your time!

couple spending time together during pre weddin photoshoot

But most importantly it is helpful in strengthening the bond of the couple as they will be spending a significant amount of time together hugging, kissing, cuddling and laughing at random things which are considered to be a good anti-stress therapy. It will make your partner at ease with you and help them to express themselves more articulately.

These moments of joy are very precious to all of us and we want to cherish them for life.

The kind of innocence and purity of love becomes a great memory to revive and smile at. Pre-marriage photoshoot lets you look back at the time and relive that happiness once again and refresh the very essence of the wedding. And the photographs can be handy when it comes to making a date card or an anniversary gift or a photo album.

Be your wedding planner

be your wedding planner

And the amazing part is, after your pre-wedding photo session you will feel ecstatic and inspired, looking ahead for more on the wedding day. Creating new ideas and choosing the right ambiance will result in much better wedding photographs. Moreover, it is a chance to try different makeup and attires that goes with the location and the background. As this photo shoot also allows you to travel to different places it can be considered a perfect pre-wedding escape for the engaged couple.

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