Best Places in Delhi-NCR for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Marriage is a holy union. Two souls merging to create a far bigger reality to what each one has written in fate. A perfect marriage requires a little more to make it memorable. What else it could be? Two individuals love each other, stage is set and some of the best technicians have been assigned the task of capturing special moments before and after the event. The pre wedding photo shoot is the first step in the long list of events. It’s an ideal opportunity for everyone to catch a glimpse of what to expect in the coming years.

“Marriage seeks divine blessings and it’s not just people associated with ceremony that bring their own charm and luck to honor the occasion with their presence, the place has an equally important role to play”.

Pre Wedding Photography Delhi

A pre wedding shoot depicts the theme or characteristic appeal of wedding. The best places in Delhi NCR for pre wedding shoot offer historic, cultural, city-specific or contemporary feel factor.

What good a photo serves if it doesn’t bring the history of place alive to make for an ideal host and bring memories back of how it served its masters in the past. The past or future image of place makes for an important part in the selection process. We’ve put a list of a few places to play host to two individuals before they take vows, tie the knot.

  1. Okhla Bird Sanctuary: The morning mist, birds leading the charge with free-spirited rides and serenity flowing in abundance welcomes and turns every single soul into a seeker for a brief period. It’s a picturesque location for a pre wedding photo shoot. The natural light brings the best of both technical aspects of photography and emotional expressions’ of couple.

The whole experience could make you fall in love with nature in the company of most beautiful person in your life. Who knows you’re about to make lifelong friends with nature?


  1. Tikli Bottom: The second place on list again endorses the wide, open fields to introduce nature to celebrations. A beautiful English cottage that has kept its spirit intact with changing times. A couple wouldn’t find a better backdrop to have a clear view of situation and sit down and help expressions flow from inwards rather sitting or talking for the sake of photo shoot. It is places like these that help identify an emotionally moving photo from technically superior presentation of two individuals enjoying themselves.


Tikli Bottom has become a huge favorite considering how couples feel for the moment right before they sit down in front of camera. Rehearsal isn’t required. It could be said that emotions cannot be rehearsed, only felt.

Pre Wedding Photography Delhi
  1. Connaught Place: We’ve anticipated it, right. We know you’ve been wondering what we‘ve to say about Connaught Place as a venue for pre wedding photo shoot. A local couple cannot skip the idea of including Connaught Place in the list. It could play a surprising backdrop to any wedding with couple belonging to different ethnicity, culture or civilization. Such is the nostalgic appeal of place.


Every couple has a hidden wish to have a pre wedding photo shoot matching the rustiness and romance of Bollywood movies. They feel this location has what it takes to add personal style to memories without losing exclusive rights to place and time in history.


  1. Humayun’s Tomb: Some would claim the best was saved for last or pre wedding photo shoot list cannot be completed without mentioning it. Soon-to-be couples have a fascinating connection with Humayun’s Tomb. It is either the magnitude of occasion or inherent love for one another that makes them associate with historic landmarks such as Humayun’s Tomb. They couldn’t stop themselves from celebrating love in the company of historic places as a mark of respect.


A couple’s decision to select a place for pre wedding photo shoot demonstrates the importance of marriage and its role in building societies, raising communities.

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