2021 Hindu Marriage Dates – Shubh Vivah Muhurat in 2021

There exists a very persistent roadblock that very efficiently installs tension in the romantically blooming atmosphere. That’s the date of the wedding

So, making grand plans for the big day? Weddings are perhaps the most important day in anyone’s life. This explains the exuberance of couples to make everything perfect. However, there exists a very persistent roadblock that very efficiently installs tension in the romantically blooming atmosphere. That’s the date of the wedding. What’s there to fret over a simple date? Well, technically nothing if you want to keep the auspicious grace out of your marriage. So, we Hindu folks do have something to fret over. One way is to wait for agonizing months for the wedding season. But what if you don’t have to invest your patience in waiting for a season?

Hindu Marriage Dates

Here today, we would like to acquaint you with all the Shubh Vivah Muhurats that will make an appearance in 2021. So, allow us to unveil that special wedding calendar for you –


20th January (Wednesday)

24th January (Sunday)

Can you think of a more beautiful way of celebrating the new year? 


8th February (Monday)

15th February (Monday)

21st February (Sunday)

22 February (Monday)

Wow, that’s a lot of wedding Mondays there! Also, why is 14th Feb not there?


3rd March (Wednesday)

4th March (Thursday)

14th March (Sunday)

The third day of the third month stands as a Shubh Vivah Muhurat. Interesting.


16th April (Friday)

22nd April (Thursday)

25th April (Sunday)

28th April (Wednesday)

30th April (Friday)

Glad 1st April didn’t make it to the final cut.


7th May (Friday)

8th May (Saturday)

9th May (Sunday)

14th May (Friday)

21st May (Friday)

23rd May (Sunday)

24th May (Monday)

26th May (Wednesday)

28th May (Friday)

29th May (Saturday)

30th May (Sunday)

Well well, May looks quite romantic in 2021. That’s new.


3rd June (Thursday)

4th June (Friday)

5th June (Saturday)

16th June (Wednesday)

19th June (Saturday)

20th June (Sunday)

22nd June (Tuesday)

23rd June (Wednesday)

24th June (Thursday)

Fun Fact – 19th June is also celebrated as the National Reading Day. How about you give them your wedding card to read?


1st July (Friday)

2nd July (Friday)

7th July (Wednesday)

13th July (Tuesday)

15th July (Thursday)

That’s a lot of “odd” dates if you know what we mean. 

Hindu Marriage Dates

August, September, and October don’t present any auspicious Vivah Mahurats


15th November (Monday)

16th November (Tuesday)

20th November (Saturday)

21st November (Sunday)

28th November (Sunday)

29th November (Monday)

30th November (Tuesday)

You got two Sundays, two Mondays, and two Tuesdays here. Pretty neat combination there.


1st December (Wednesday)

2nd December (Thursday)

7th December (Tuesday)

8th December (Wednesday)

11th December (Saturday)

13th December (Monday)

And the 31st of December is missing. That’s not fair.

Hindu Marrigae Dates


Q: What should be the best month to get married?

Ans: That decision rests solely on your preference, however, if you ask ours, then we would say February. Getting married to your Valentine during the Valentine. We find that adorably romantic.

Q: Should I select a holiday as my wedding day?

Ans: We say that’s an intelligent choice for a wedding day. Your special guests won’t find it hard to attend your wedding during a holiday. So, you will be surrounded by all of your loved ones during your big day.

Q: Is going for an Off-Season a good decision?Ans: If everything aligns right and there lie no complications, then why not? Off-season weddings can also help you score some discounts because, well, it’s off-season. In the end, it all rests on our preference.

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