Importance of Pre-wedding Photoshoots and 4 Amazing Ideas To Make It Special

We are past the old age days where the marriage was finalized (even before the couple has actually seen each other’s faces!) by our parents on those awkward tea meetings at the bride’s house. Today’s generation has changed and millennials choose who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. People are maverick these days and like to control the steering wheel of their life, unlike the old days where they were supposed to do what their parents would decide for them.

The wedding is a very special occasion and is a once in a lifetime moment ( for many of us!). People want to make every minute detail of this day memorable so that it is cherished for the lifetime.

The concept of pre wedding photoshoot amidst the millennials is growing at a very fast rate. People want their moments of joy and togetherness captured prior to their wedding. It seems quite evident that the bride and the groom get their photographs clicked at their ease without struggling in those heavy wedding attires.

important of pre wedding photoshoots

Pre-wedding shoots have lots of perks – couples get a chance to reduce the excruciating efforts to pose in front of the camera. They can articulate their emotions in different ways and capture all of them.

But what is important is to grab this opportunity as it offers you ample time together and one should make the most of it.

Some people like to try out different location as per their requirements, flaunt new dresses and apply makeup to escalate the appearance. Well, who doesn’t want to look exquisite and have a romantic filmy style pre wedding photo shoot with hair blowing as the cold breeze touches the face percolating between the hair. Some people are in love with nature and it is fascinating to see how their chemistry intensifies exploring places together. As it also illuminates the canvas. So here are some cool ideas to consider for your pre wedding photoshoot.

1. Relive your love story

Instead of fabricating contrived love at random set up, find a way to circumvent it by visiting the places like where you first found your love which will make you nostalgic. It can be the cafe where you first met or a holiday destination where you went eluding the weekends.
It will not only be a different experience but also bring a wider grin on your faces and that would be a true candid photo.

Re-live your love story

2. Pets are Family!

If you love animals and ever pet one in the past. You know these animals cannot speak but definitely conveys the language of love. Even if you didn’t pet in the past you can always look up for some local center to adopt one and bring them along to embellish the pre-wedding photos with unconditional love and cuteness.

pets in pre wedding photoshoot

3. No One Does It Better Than Bollywood

We always dreamt of having a love story just like Raj and Simran from “DDLJ”. The iconic style and the wing-pose that SRK does, you can definitely emulate these tricks to make your pre wedding photoshoot filmier because let’s admit it, Bollywood enunciates love like no one else.

4. Stick to More Real Setup

Holding hands in the garden is such a cliche now. Explore different places instead of setting up an exquisite stage which eventually turns out to look fake. Keep it simple don’t try too fancy, let the natural love take over the forced smiles.

Real set up

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