Candour Films has the best pocket friendly pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot packages. The camera crew is well-mannered and showed a professional behaviour during the event. I liked how they worked efficiently without disturbing or bothering my guests.

Sonal Sharma

I highly recommend candour films for their wedding shoots services as I hired them on two occasions – one for my own wedding and then for my young brother’s wedding photo shoots and no doubt they did a splendid job at cheap rates.

Avinash Verma

The wedding photography team at Candour Films is very efficient and skilled. They had the best camera equipment’s to cater to all our pre-wedding shoot requirements. Above all their services are quite reasonably priced.

Radhika Verma

I chose them due to affordable wedding shoot and pre-wedding shoot services. Their team was quick, punctual and ensured on-time delivery.

Rahul Singh
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